Mar 25, 2010

Novela: Eat or be Eaten

Titulo: Eat or be Eaten 
Escritora: Jinko Fuyuno
Artista: Yamimaru Enjin
Genero: Yaoi, Drama, Romance
Estado: Completo
Idioma: Ingles


Successful restaurateur Yaginuma decides it will be best to get outside help from management consultant Maski Ashizawa in order to find a new chef for his French-concept restaurant. After a few recommendations, Ashizawa pays a visit to Shuichiro Tsubaki, who is currently executive chef at a French restaurant. Ashizawa loves the flavor of the chef's food, but the chef shoots down the offer made to him. In order to pry away the chef from his current work, Ashizawa decides to begin working for Tsubaki. Will Ashizawa successfully exercise his powers of persuasion?




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